Walk with Purpose: Find Strength in Slowing Down.

Walk with Purpose: Find Strength in Slowing Down


Happy Friday Friends! I am so glad it’s almost the weekend and I have a few days filled with some much-needed sister time! I've been in a slump the last two weeks. Nothing has been really enjoyable and I am in my head as my own worst enemy. It’s been a long two weeks. I have had to force myself to keep going to class and thinking of what to post has been less than inspiring. More of a daunting task. I am now on a mission to pull myself out of this slump. Fighting the negative little voice in my head is a fight that I can't lose. There have been some good things happening in the last few weeks. It is so hard to celebrate the good when I am constantly wanting more and looking at all that’s wrong around me. I've been in such a hurry and have neglected to take time to stop for a second and soak in where I am at this moment. I've found myself tired and quite cranky with everything and everyone around me. For no reason at all. This last week, I have forced myself to take extra time in prayer and reading my bible. Look at the state of my heart and see where there has been a sore spot in my life. Which I like to call an 'adulting' win. To be able to stop and notice what is going wrong I call growth and a win on the day. Even when it is terribly uncomfortable and quite humbling. This is my accountability to keep on doing the small things that make a difference and the one thing I don't want to or like to hear. The reality is we all need to slow down and take time to sit with the Lord and slow down and take a personal assessment of the state of our hearts and minds. It's uncomfortable and it's hard. But it is worth it for yourself and everyone around you.

I was recently listening to a podcast of a Church in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. He did a sermon on striding. And it hit me how much of a race we all are living in. We live in a world where it is hard to slow down. There is always something or someone pushing you to do more, be more. Always asking for more, more, more. But if we look at the way that Jesus lived his life - he walked. No matter what emergency or situation or what people needed or asked of him. He walked. When everyone else around him I'm sure was thinking what is up with this guy- He was never in a hurry. Never ran anywhere. He walked. Jesus walked everywhere he went. Not an aimless walk. But deliberate steps to where he was called to next. I think we are at a point in time where we need to be slowed down. There is a time to go fast, but we have to at one point slow down and walk. We can not sustain running forever. No matter how fit or in shape you are, there will come a time when you are tired and will not end up as far as you hoped. Just think- even Forrest Gump, who ran for miles and miles, got tired and decided it was time to go home.

When we slow down to stride or walk - we allow God to work in us and we can see what is happening in the world around us. No longer is it a fast pace race and everything is a blur. We see the people around us, we can see the blessings, and how God is working in the small moments. Slowing down is hard. Especially if you like to go, go go. The devil quickly begins his work in our minds by reminding us that we are not where we need to be and how far we are falling behind. When in reality - you are right where God wants you. Following in the footsteps where he has already gone before you. He has made a way. This isn’t always the easy road. But it will get you where God wants you to be. The blessings he has waiting for you are far beyond your imagination. But if you must follow him and allow him to go before you. When we take off running on our terms and plans, things get messy. It is when we begin to feel the weight of the world and the worry that comes with carrying the weight of the world. The weight that God puts on your shoulders will not feel as heavy as the weight of the world. You will go further taking the deliberate steps forward in God's plan than running the race of the world.

 It is okay to slow down and take in the blessings around you. Slow down to enjoy this life God has given you. Slow down and enjoy the moments that may not seem big. But one day you will look and see just how great they were. Slow down so you can hear God's quiet but booming voice. When you run 1000 miles an hour everywhere it’s easy to miss the little wins. And it’s even more likely you’ll feel behind. You will always go further, taking deliberate steps in God's plan. Lay down what you have been fighting. Lay down the worries of the world. Lay down the pressures of the world. Lay down the burdens we were not meant to carry. Give it to God. Allow him to break the chains that hold you down. Allow him to work in and through you. It’s hard to do. But it will be so worth it. Trust him. Allow him into your life. Don’t run this race on your own. This isn’t even a race. This is a journey and we are in it for the long haul. Remember deliberate steps will always go further than running ever will. 

Friends, it's okay to slow down. Soak it all in. If you are tired, the world will continue to spin with or without you. No one has the power to stop that. Stop and rest. Take an assessment of your life and see what is holding you down and leaving the weight of the world on your shoulders. Take the extra time with the people who fill your heart with joy.

I encourage you to follow in the stride God has set. Not the rat race of the world we live in. Take deliberate steps forward, it will always take you further than running at the fast pace of the world.

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