Lessons from the Show Barn : Finding Peace

Lessons from the Show Barn : Finding Peace

For those of you who don't know me, for lack of better words, I was raised in a barn. I know how cheesy that sounds and it slightly pains me to put it that way. But I have yet to find a better way to put it. In the hours I wanted to myself, you could find me in the barn. The show barn was my place. Things were kept in order and on a schedule. Nothing made my heart happier than leaving that place after a long day and everything was quiet, clean, and at peace. My mind was at peace and my body was tired but everything felt at peace. For so long that barn was my space to just exist and tend to what was in front of me. There were no problems that couldn't be solved within those walls.

As I've gotten older and my time in the show barn has come to an end, there's always been a part of me that has tried to bring back to life the peace I once was able to feel. But the peace that I had then was a different version of myself. The peace that was around then is different from the peace I hope to be in now. Part of me still thinks I can bring it back in the same form. But the realist within me knows that is not where it will happen to the extent it did then.

Peace isn't found in merely completing your to-do list for the day. It's not something you can just mark off and move on about your day. Peace is found in the small moments. It's found in conversations with the special people God put in your life just when he knew you needed them. It's found playing kickball with the most ornery 10-year-old boys. The level of trash talk they can dish out is impressive. Peace is found in those in-between moments. It's taking a second to sit and look at the sunset. Peace is found when we let God lead the way. A peace that is with us no matter where we end up. A peace that even in the midst of the trials we know we have one mighty God in our corner. A peace that can only be found when we draw near to him. The peace I was once able to find in the show barn, it's now adapted into something bigger than just that barn. God has used that time in the barn as a constant touchpoint in my life. The people that have shown up when I didn’t know I needed them, were all met in a barn. But peace can't be contained to only that one place. 

To find true peace we have to draw near to God. Let him go before you and be in peace knowing you are following his will for your life. Don't get caught chasing what you felt years ago. Let God bring you peace in a new place or in a new way where he has you right now. We might just find that our next step is better than the last. 

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